Is Daylight Savings Time Dangerous?

Is Daylight Savings Time Dangerous?

Daylight Saving Time

Many countries across the globe follow the convention of ‘daylight saving time’ to conserve energy and make the best use of daylight. However, daylight saving not only disrupts our sleep schedule but, according to studies, also leads to a spike in fatal automobile collisions.

While some traffic collisions can be attributed to low visibility, many accidents occur because of sleep deprivation caused by the loss of an hour of sleep. In fact, drivers take almost a week to adequately adjust to the darker morning commute. One hour of lost sleep may appear to be inconsequential but the truth is that human beings are fragile, and disruptions in sleep patterns alter the markers of our brain. After all, when our biological clocks go awry, our entire body loses its rhythm.

Apart from accidents and injuries on the road, daylight saving can also lead to an increase in workplace injuries. It mostly creates trouble for those whose jobs involve physical labor. As per research conducted by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), 3.6 additional injuries occurred on days following the switch to daylight savings time on an average.

Mitigate the Negative Effects of Daylight Saving Time

  • Sleep hygiene: Good sleep hygiene involves the avoidance of caffeine and alcohol, taking a warm bath before sleep, gradually relaxing yourself, and wearing eye masks to bed. A good sleep routine can help you ward off the negative effects of daylight saving time.
  • Medication: It’s quite unlikely that a doctor would prescribe medication for a one-hour alteration in the sleep cycle, but it cannot be ruled out. Keep in mind that sleep medications must be consumed only under the direct guidance of a doctor.
  • Exposure to light: Light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone. Therefore, while it’s important to expose yourself to light during the waking hours, it’s not recommended to expose yourself to bright light at night time.

Trying to Handle the Case on Your Own Could Be a Mistake

If there’s an accident, some people try to handle the case on their own because they mistakenly assume that it’s simpler. It’s important to understand that accident cases are complicated and handling it yourself may diminish your chances of getting the compensation that you deserve.

Hiring an Attorney Ensures Proper Legal Guidance

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