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Most accidents bring fatal injuries and life-altering devastation. The construction industry is enlisted as one of the most alarming sites for severe accidents. The nature of work is dangerous and often results in some serious life-threatening injuries. Injuries bring physical, mental, and financial stress. You can avail of the services of a Construction Accident Attorney in Louisiana from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess if you are a victim of an unfortunate event at a construction site.

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    Construction Accident Lawyer Louisiana

    As a citizen of America, you have the right to claim justice against all the mishaps caused due to someone else’s wrongdoings. However, you cannot fight for justice without the support of a professional lawyer. The American legal system is complex, and many laws vary from state to state. The help of an experienced construction accident lawyer is highly essential for a thorough analysis of your case to calculate the right amount of compensation.

    Legal Assistance for All Types of Construction Accidents

    Our lawyers offer extensive legal aid to all accident victims. We represent victims of all construction site injuries including:

    • Slips and falls: One of the most serious causes of construction site injuries is a fall. Such accidents occur due to a couple of reasons including inadequate railings, floor hole covers, and safety nets.
    • Exposure to hazardous substances: A construction worker has a serious threat of injuries from all the harmful chemicals used in the industry. The handling of toxic substances can cause a serious health hazard for an individual. 
    • Inadequate Breathing conditions: Workers are exposed to extreme work conditions where there is an insufficient amount of oxygen, dust, and harmful smoke emission. These can cause serious respiratory damages and breathing challenges.
    • Electrical components: Poor maintenance of electrical wires can lead to dangerous accidents. Many companies fail to abide by the government safety rules on a working site, thereby risking the lives of the workers. 
    • Ladders: The use of ladders without adequate means of safety can cause serious accidents. If you are a victim of a fall or other means, you can avail of the legal services to gain justice for all your pain and suffering.

    Call our office today for a NO COST analysis of your construction accident case. With us, you don’t have to worry about the fees of our attorneys. We work on a contingent basis and only receive payment when we resolve a case successfully.

    Don’t Delay! You claim may be valid. Let our attorneys help you before the statute of limitations expires!


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    A construction accident attorney Louisiana helps in analyzing the entire situation so that you can pursue fair compensation. Contact us now for a quick evaluation of your case.

    The professional attorneys from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess are compassionate and highly dedicated to helping victims get justice. We think from a victim’s point of view and analyze every aspect of legal conditions to help you maximize the claim. Our lawyers would assist you to claim compensations against the liable parties like contractors, property owners, or even the equipment manufacturers. Give us a call today and book for a FREE consultation. We are always ready to serve you to get you the justice you rightfully deserve. Consult with our Construction Accident Lawyer Louisiana at Free of cost.

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