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Bus Accidents

Mass Transit is a vital industry in this busy age. With the uncertain future of oil and energy, having access to more efficient ways to travel is a great help to the community. Every day, nearly 4 million people across America commute to work by bus. They trust their health and their livelihoods to the dependability of buses and their drivers. This makes bus accidents particularly tragic. It is important that your lawyer will be able to unravel the circumstances of the accident to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Much like trucking accidents, the enormous size and weight of a bus can turn an otherwise gentle bump into a dangerous collision. The larger your vehicle is, the more force is generated in the impact. For the passengers, the outcome can be very serious. Broken bones are common, and injuries to the neck, back, spine, and brain can all occur, resulting in long-lasting damage. Never neglect to seek medical attention after an accident. Many of these injuries may not be noticeable for a prolonged period of time, leaving you to handle them on your own.

Whether you’re dealing with your local government buses or a large bus company, there are many factors that go into any personal injury case that results from a bus accident.

bus accident attorney

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