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Bike Accident Attorney

When bikes collide with a car, the consequences are scary and devastating. If you’re the one riding a bike, it’s important to take the right decisions after an accident. What you do and how you react after a collision may have a huge impact on how much compensation you will ultimately recover for your injuries. In fact, it may also affect the outcome of the lawsuit that you may file in the wake of the accident.

Things to Do After a Bike Accident

  • Wait for the Police

Even if you think that you are slightly injured, it’s always advisable to wait for the police to arrive. Some cyclists don’t realize the severity of their injuries until several hours elapse after an accident. If you instantly leave the accident scene, you may never succeed to identify the driver who is at fault. There are many instances wherein a driver initially accepts the blame and later denies any negligence.

  • Provide Your Version

At times, police officers only take a statement from the car driver and not the bicycle rider. However, it’s important to let them know your side of the story. No matter how minor your injury is, it may later become more serious. Despite your efforts, if the police still refuse to register your statement, it’s always better to reach out to accomplished and conversant attorneys who have relevant experience in handling complicated bike accident cases.

  • Document What Happened
  • If possible, you can document the accident: what happened and how it happened. Once you write all the information about the road, the traffic, and the weather conditions, you can fight for your claim.Seek Advice from a Legal RepresentativeMost accidents between a car and a bicycle involve complicated legal issues. You may want to consult a legal professional who has handled multiple bike accident cases in the past. Such an attorney can:
    • File your lawsuit.
    • Negotiate with the insurance company.
    • Offer you adequate advice on how to proceed.

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