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Car accidents can be excruciatingly traumatic. There’s simply no telling when they might occur and bring pain, loss, and suffering in their wake. In worst-case scenarios,
high medical bills, lost wages, and loss of future income, extreme emotional distress, and untold suffering shake even the most resilient personalities. Leading car accident attorneys from Baton Rouge are here to help you through your ordeal and provide impeccable and comprehensive legal assistance on a CONTINGENCY FEE basis.

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    A bustling and thriving business center in the Southern United States, Baton Rouge is one of the most populous cities in Louisiana. The city is home to hundreds of thousands and attracts that many from elsewhere. Congested roads full of vehicles and pedestrians are common due to distracted, negligent, and careless drivers.

    Baton Rouge car accident attorneys at L. Clayton Burgess will stand by you until you get justice. We will represent you throughout and conduct all meetings and discussions with opposition lawyers, insurance companies, and any other concerned parties on your behalf.

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    Our team of highly experienced attorneys, advocates, and paralegals will:

    • Take part in negotiation settlements
    • Discuss legal intricacies with defendant parties
    • Conduct thorough investigations;
    • Scour the accident site for crucial evidence;
    • Carry out interviews;
    • Collect all necessary data, medical records, police reports, salary statements, insurance documents, etc.;
    • File all necessary paperwork;
    • Represent you in a court of law with resounding success;

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